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Christopher Cross is one of those West Coast artists who in himself is more than artist, he is an experience.
His is the kind of melodic rock that makes you smile and hurt without too much of the angst or emo.  A former roadie member of Fleetwood Mac, Christopher Cross is one of those artists that you can easily sing to in the kitchen and have happy memories of growing up.  He is notable for collaborating with musicians such as Michael Mcdonald, JD Souther, sessionist-musicians such as Mike Porcaro, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukhather and Lenny Castro (who were all from the band Toto.), Don Henley from the Eagles,  and other rock musicians of West Coast persuasion.
In an 18-track tribute to the best songs he has sung (in Teki’s opinion),  Christopher Cross is worth the listen in moments when you just want to relax and think about those memories of a time when you were still discovering yourself.

Playlist Highlights

Teki will depart from highlighting the obvious hits but would like to take the time to showcase his lesser tunes, which despite their hit standing, point to the substance of his music.
Play I Really Don’t Know Anymore (with Michael McDonald)
This song is the second track of his debut album back in 1979.  Michael McDonald’s backing vocals to Cross’ served as an “alter-echo” to a degree, and provided a richness to the tune.  The album would win in the Grammy’s the following year.  In hindsight, despite the overall melancholic routine Christopher Cross returns to in most of his albums, his music can fill your heartbroken needs…and then some.
Play What Am I Supposed To Believe (with Karla Bonoff)
What am i supposed to believe? Is it that you really love me?…
Won’t you come home to me? You could make everything all right. You could warm me through the coldest night and make it all right…
This song points out to struggles we have of our relationships, about the emergence of doubt and the hope of working it out because the alternative would be too much to go through.  Duets are like dialogues between people in song.  And this is one that everyone can relate to as perhaps everyone of us has experienced moments in our lives when certain things are just worth fighting for. But it is a fight that has its associated risks, wherein the pay-off is either really high, low and very much uncertain. However, there is a certain conviction in the song that allows the listener to hope that things will work out.
The track is included in the Christopher Cross’ 1983 album Another Page. Along with songwriter Bonoff, Tom Scott lent his saxophone solo, Paulinho Da Costa on percussion and songwriter-producer Michael Omartian was on keyboards.  The album is actually a light rock classic, in Teki’s opinion.
Teki admits that the song warranted more airtime back in the day.  She is in a way glad that his earlier studio albums are in Spotify (Though not all. Spotify does not have Walking In Avalon.)  Still, it allows people to go get the album and come away with a classic.
Play Words of Wisdom
“All the lies of kindness, oh that sweet refrain. But you pay the price for the joy that it brings ’cause you hear the sound of her name. And the morning tries to save you from the shadows of your heart. They dance and kiss as you reminisce and it’s tearing you apart…”
Advice comes in forms of encouragement especially during trying times.  Sometimes they all fall flat when you’re nursing a broken heart.  Yes, to a certain degree, they begin to sound the same.  Cross underlines the reality of that despite the good intentions, getting over emotional pain means allowing people to go through it.
Play I Know You Well (with Gigi Worth)*
 “I’ve always loved the way you dance, how you defy our circumstance. There may not be more than i see. C’est la vie.”
Teki has always been amazed at how Gigi Worth’s voice contributes perfectly to Cross’.  It has a kind of chemistry that goes with love-hate relationships, compromises in arguments.  And tomorrow, we might just move on, he says.  And Teki seconds the motion. 
Play Swept Away
“…I am seeing my tomorrows in your eyes…Without a warning, like night when the morning begins the day.”
 Teki wants to dedicate this song to the best girl she knows, Marg.  That day at Stackers was when Teki allowed herself to be swept away. It’s like the beautiful feeling of waking up in silent mornings and all the hugs we can get.
Play Is There Something?*
“… And there’s something that i want to tell you & i want you to believe it’s true.  We have something that i’ll never forget even if i wanted to.  Part of me will always be with you.”
 Sometimes it’s the silences and the secrets that are unspoken that fester to become communication barriers in a relationship.  But no matter where we end up, know that love conquers all.  No regrets.

Teki’s Spotify Playlist:  Christopher Cross

Here’s the Spotify playlist of Teki’s Christopher Cross picks.  She hopes you enjoy it as much as she has.

*It must be noted that these tracks are not included in the Spotify playlist below. The albums containing the songs have not been licensed for the app.