Boz Scaggs: You Can Have Me Anytime

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Listening to Boz Scaggs is like a day wherein a whole range of emotions just envelops you. Teki would like to share with you her ten most favorite music tracks from the former member of Steely Dan who eventually came out to his own star and with a lot of white soul.
Teki thinks that she is getting older because when compiling the playlist, she was getting more and more conscious that she won’t include some of Scagg’s relatively power-mild rock renditions but concentrate on her real favorites.  Therefore, the shortness of the playlist.  She encourages though that listeners get to buy remastered albums such as Silk Degrees, Middle Man and even the compilation album Hits!

Playlist Highlights

Play Lowdown
Toto main songwriter David Paich, who co-wrote this tune, would often collaborate with Scaggs through the years.  The drums and percussive talents of Jeff Porcaro and the thumping funky bass playing of David Hungate all contribute to the song receiving the 1976 Grammy Award for Best R&B Song.
Play Harbor Lights
The track is notable for the flugelhorn solo performed by Chuck Findley near the end of the song.  And the lyrics that goes the harbor lights of Venus shining through the breeze that brings me back to you, my love… sure is worth the repeat.
Play We’re All Alone
 “So, cast your seasons to the wind … Let it out, let it all begin.  Throw it to wind, my love…. All’s forgotten now.” 
The song is about forgiving, forgetting and throwing away time, including the seasons to the wind.  Everything fades.  There is nothing left but memories, and in those memories we are alone.
Play You Can Have Me Anytime
Like a faithless child, frightened of the wild, he runs and hides to keep from being still.  We run around until we lose ourselves again.  On wings of the night, once again we’ll take flight and i don’t hear your voice anymore. Tonight’s dream will end but i’ll stay on after then.  And you can have me anytime. 
A collaboration with David Foster in the album Middle Man, this ballad further showcases Carlos Santana as a featured guitarist on the track. This song shines through for the depth of its lyrics and how deep loyalties are possible despite the doubts and fickle restlessness that plague our lives. (This is for Marg…for all my comings and goings, i love you.)
Play Isn’t It Time
Teki has always liked this song from the album Middle Man.  That there comes a time when you just have to get out of your shell and fall in love again.  It’s a song of hope and always manages to put a healthy outlook about the future.

Teki’s Favorite Boz Scaggs songs

Now let’s listen to the rest of the playlist.  Willian Royce “Boz” Scaggs surely has one of those voices that may be underrated to some sectors of the popular music folks, but his brand of adult contemporary surely must not be missed.