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Before, when Ingrid Michaelson was still unheard of, or Priscilla Ahn and a whole host of indie-rock girl musicians, there was Lisa Loeb.  During the 90’s, when girls with glasses in the music industry were considered utterly rare, Lisa represented a kind of geek music that was refreshingly cool and had attracted a cult following within a generation. It may be said that her music wasn’t much of a standout, but it was the simple lyrics and the feel-good manner that characterized a lot of her songs.

Teki’s Favorite Lisa Loeb Tracks

Stay (I Missed You)
Perhaps the most popular of her songs, Stay was featured in the Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke movie, Reality Bites.  This song is talks about the passing regret one feels about breakups, the ambivalent quality of resentment, loss and longing. Teki likes this because of the backing of Nine Stories as well as angsty wit of accusations contained in lyrics.
 “Some of us hover when we weep for the other, who was dying since the day they were born. Well, this is not that, i think, i am throwing…that i’ve thrown. And i thought i’d live forever but now i’m not so sure. You try to tell me that i’m clever but that won’t take me any how or any where with you…”
Waiting For Wednesday
There are times when our minds betray the true intent of the lyrics. After all, people have a way of interpreting meanings suited to their own perspective. Waiting For Wednesday just might be the song about anxiety over someone who you need to break up with and a girl’s resolve to do exactly that come the appointed day. But Lisa Loeb intimates in her “The Very Best Of…” album liner that the song was really about the anxiety of waiting for her period, hoping that she was not pregnant and waving the anxiety goodbye.
I Control The Sun
Teki has always pictured Super Girl or even Shego, the villainess sidekick of Dr. Drakken in Kim Possible, singing this song. Spurned super heroines can be likened to an off-beat comedy about Alpha women not used to getting what they want.
In the vein of the previous track but this time from the other end of the spectrum is a song about hopeless unrequited love. Teki likes this song as Lisa breaks away from the light rock acoustics and includes a more synth-orchestration to the music. Sometimes there are those of us who seem to want the unavailable knowing fully that chances are slim.
Someone You Should Know
Of all the Lisa Loeb songs, this probably tops Teki’s digital music players by play frequency. She discovered the song only after she bought the album and realized what a gem it is. It speaks about the journey of realizing that what you got is what you wanted only if you take the time to discover and be open of people and situations around you. Maybe it’s someone you should meet and eventually know.
Falling In Love
This song reminds Teki of a Damien Rice song. Maybe it’s the violins. Nevertheless, she thinks that falling in love is like Kryptonite. You have to entertain being vulnerable at times. Surely it’s weird, but hey…that’s why it’s falling down, not up. Or maybe both.
Snow Day
When you’re having a bad day, and sometimes bad days feels longer than most days – doesn’t it help to know you’re going home to a cure, even if the ride home takes a long while?
Do You Sleep?
Although this is about relationships – strained and drifting, Teki associates this song about stress and how it makes insomniacs of all of us. Whether we are in loving relationships or otherwise. These days, Teki just wants to sleep a little longer and not care.
Fools Like Me
Trippy, with a kind of bitter-sweet nervousness that you can’t fully describe. Teki likes this song for its simplicity. Reminds her of college days, or days when one travels to places with someone special.
I Do
These days, this is becoming Teki’s song when she gets weighed down at work. It’s about the silent energy of unspoken anger played in a funny, sarcastic yet amusing way. Sometimes she just wants to shout to release her frustrations. But everybody feels this way sometimes.