“Knee-Deep in Daisies With You”

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There are certain songs that bring simple joys. It reminds us to be lighthearted, content and breezy … even crazy despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life…
All great loves experience their share of running barefoot in the park and playing knee-deep in daisies, the summers of our lifetime.  This song reminds Teki of her first trip to Camp John Hay with Marg.  Happy moments are like daisies whatever the season.
performed by Rita Calypso
music by Neal Hefti, lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Going barefoot in the park
where it says: “Keep Off The Grass”
isn’t recommended for the very old
But when you’re young and you’re in love
the world is beautiful
and i’m not a bit afraid of you catching cold
Running barefoot through the park
strolling bareheaded in the rain
Just to look for a daisy seems kind of crazy to do
But come along, my barefoot love
to the fields that shine with spring.
Let me laugh and play all the way
knee-deep in daisies with you
* from the Neil Simon play and film of the same title

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