Christopher Cross

A Chronology of Christopher Cross

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Christopher Cross is one of those West Coast artists who in himself is more than artist, he is an experience.
His is the kind of melodic rock that makes you smile and hurt without too much of the angst or emo.  A former roadie member of Fleetwood Mac, Christopher Cross is one of those artists that you can easily sing to in the kitchen and have happy memories of growing up.  He is notable for collaborating with musicians such as Michael Mcdonald, JD Souther, sessionist-musicians such as Mike Porcaro, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukhather and Lenny Castro (who were all from the band Toto.), Don Henley from the Eagles,  and other rock musicians of West Coast persuasion.
In an 18-track tribute to the best songs he has sung (in Teki’s opinion),  Christopher Cross is worth the listen in moments when you just want to relax and think about those memories of a time when you were still discovering yourself.

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