Everything But The Girl

Meet Me In The Morning

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I haven’t come to be a stranger…I’ve come to be your love.
Don’t let the grass grow under your feet. The sands of time keep running. For now, at last, i’m down on the street…
The inherent poetry of the song’s lyrics touches those who have fallen in love despite current attachments.  Both as an invitation for escape and a fervent rescue towards a fuller life of love.  Many will perhaps sense that the song may have advocated cheating or adultery.  But Teki would like to believe that the song talks more about the finding of true love, which is something you cannot discount happening.  The hope of no harm by the singer’s perspective allows one to think that at last one is urged to take the adventurous plunge of being happy. (You will find this track in EBTG‘s 1990 album, Language of Life.)
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