The Carpenters

Teki’s Pick: The Carpenters

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Perhaps the best female singer of all time, in Teki’s opinion, Karen Carpenter has become synonymous to divine purity.  In an age where being a diva comes with belting powerful renditions,  Karen holds a kind of gravitas without the need for embellished vocal affectations.  It is because of this clarity and subtle emotional richness of her voice  that makes her a true born talent.
Through the guidance and leadership of Richard Carpenter, the tandem would perhaps be not as powerful.  His musical and vocal arrangements behind all of Karen’s hit songs are not just made to highlight Karen’s voice but Richard’s finest choice of musical harmonies.
Teki has created a 20-track playlist of her most favorite Carpenters’ songs spanning their 12 original studio albums.  It has not been an easy choice for Teki to do such a thing as she likes a large majority of their songs.  Surely, though, there are some of the songs that remain top picks in her heart. Read the rest of this entry »